Students from Silesian province develop their competence within Nowoczesne szkolnictwo zawodowe project

The group of 130 students will have the opportunity to develop their competencies. Moreover the project also aims the cooperation with employers and schools to increasing the professional competencies among students.

The activities in project involved VCC© certification such as design CAD 2D and 3D design, Web Design, Computer Graphics, First Aid and Computer network administration. Students will also have the opportunity to take part in Driving license course, English and mathematics lessons focused on the key competencies, educational workshops and intership programs.

The diagnosis of educational needs among students allowed to develop programs relevant to the needs of school and its pupils. In addition, the project allows to increase professional skills among students, as future graduates and strengthen their ability to employment - says Michał Bartnik, Project Coordinator.

Projects are realized with financial support from the European Union under the OP HRD, Priority Axis IX Development of education and competencies in regions, Measure 9.2. Increasing the attractiveness and quality of vocational education.